Liebert® Thermal Management: Liebert® DSE & Liebert® EFC

February 01, 2018

Liebert® DSE

The Liebert® DSE™ provides industry-leading thermal management efficiency, protection and insight. It uses no water for economization and its innovative design makes it up to 50% more efficient than legacy solutions. Designed with unparalleled expertise, it is part of Vertiv's Thermal Management solutions that make your data center as dynamic as your business.

The Liebert DSE solution lets you simplify every aspect of thermal management.

1. Add Capacity Efficiently with a modular, scalable design and no need for additional chillers, cooling towers, or ductwork

2. Economize Easily with automatic switchover

3. Operate Hassle-Free with advanced controls and no water usage

4. Optimize Intelligently with Liebert iCOM™ advanced thermal management system 5. Streamline Maintenance with use of water, outside air, or manual adjustments


Liebert® EFC

The Liebert® EFC Indirect Evaporative Freecooling Solution is a highly reliable and efficient cooling system for colocation, cloud hosting and other data center applications. It combines an efficient heat exchanger with advanced controls to help customers save money, reduce risks and simplify thermal management.

With the Liebert EFC, Vertiv has taken free cooling innovation to the highest level, providing a mechanical PUE as low as 1.03, a single footprint for rapid deployment and a highly scalable design.

  • High efficiency heat exchanger providing up to 1 degree F approach to wet bulb temperature
  • Low peak power
  • Dry-mode effectiveness of 85%
  • Heat exchanger air leakage of just 0.1% - one-tenth that of heat wheels
  • Integrated controls with advanced communications and algorithms for self-healing protective routines and multi-unit teamwork efficiency
  •  Quick restart options in event of a power outage
  • Low maintenance design and operation
  • Single footprint
  • Optional DX trim for additional capacity
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