Vertiv Liebert MBX Busway

Ideal for dynamic data center environments, the modular Liebert® MBX busway system allows businesses to cost-effectively optimize and adapt power distribution infrastructure over time. User friendly tap-off boxes can be placed anywhere along the busway for easy integration into any data center layout and speedy scalability. The adaptive busway design also maximizes availability with continuous power delivery to critical loads even during upgrades and changes.

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Technical Specifications
ModelVoltageAmpacityInput FrequencyBus MaterialGround RatingNeutral RatingSC Rating
Liebert MBX Busway up to 600A 250,400,600,800A 50Hz or 60Hz applications Copper 100% 100% or up to 173% in some configurations  Up to 50kA  @ 250A and 400A, Up to 65kA  @ 600A and 800A
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