Vertiv Liebert SmartMod

Deploying a new data center or migrating your network to an IP architecture is a challenge, requiring tremendous drain on resources. Doing so in a short timeframe seems nearly impossible. However, operators and carriers must make significant changes in order to improve agility, reduce operating costs and remain competitive. The SmartMod™ offering is an intelligent, rapid deployable, prefabricated enclosure for modular data centers, cable landing stations, or network aggregation.

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Technical Specifications


Input Voltage

Rack Space


Total IT Load

Power Redundancy

Cooling Redundancy


Heat Rejection Equipment

SmartMod IT Enclosure, 90kW to 75kW 480 or 208 VAC 3-Phase 336 U 90kW: 11.25 per rack 75kW: 9.37kW per rack 90kW / 75kW 90kW: N / 75kW: N or N+1 90kW: N or N+1 / 75kW: N or N+1 11.5’W x 53’L Integrated Condensers
SmartMod IT Enclosure, 200kW 480 VAC 3-Phase 14 racks, 588U 14 kW / rack 200 kW N or 2N N+1 11.5’W x 53’L Chilled Water or External for DX