Liebert Thermal Management: Liebert® DSE & Liebert® EFC

Free Cooling Economization Without Using Water

The Liebert DSE is the industry's first pumped refrigerant economization system designed specifically for data centers. Ideal for companies seeking sustainable solutions, it provides up to 50% higher efficiency than traditional systems - and it uses no water. Its advanced controls automate economization to get the most free cooling in any environment.

  • Minimizes compressor use to maximize free cooling
  • Eliminates need for bringing outside air and contanimants into the data center
  • Eliminates water usage, no costly water treatment required
  • Auto-economization increases the number of free-cooling hours throughout the year
  • No dampers and louvers to maintain
  • Industry-best condenser efficiency
  • N+1 thermal redundancy
  • Capacity can easily be scaled without affecting the rest of the cooling infrastructure, while maintaining desired redundancy
  • Lower refrigerant charge than traditional DX systems

Indirect Evaporative Freecooling Solution 400kW

The Liebert EFC Indirect Evaporative Freecooling System is a highly reliable and efficient cooling system for colocation, cloud hosting and other large data centers. It combines a highly efficient heat exchanger and advanced Liebert iCOM controls to help customers save money, reduce risks and simplify thermal management. The Liebert EFC achieves mechanical PUE levels as low as 1.03, provides a single footprint for rapid deployment and is a highly scalable solution.

High-Efficiency Heat Exchanger

  • Average peak mechanical PUE as low as 1.03
  • Lower air leakage and displacement than heat wheels, reducing need for additional makeup air capacity
  • Cooling to within 3 degrees of wet bulb temperature

Integrated Advanced Controls

  • Liebert iCOM controls with teamwork algorithms coordinate multiple units for maximum efficiency and protection
  • Independent control of capacity and temperature to maximize efficiency
  • Actionable insight into operating parameters for analysis and protection
  • Self-healing control routines automatically avoid reaching dangerous thresholds

Integrated Spray System

  • Multiple variable speed EC fans
  • Water spray branches for evaporative cooling, have quick-change, snap-on nozzles for easy maintenance

DX Trim

  • Varying capacities to match load requirements
  • Integrated condenser for DX cooling
  • Pre-charged at factory
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