Site monitoring solutions deliver increased visibility and control of critical support systems from single modules to entire data centers and even all critical facilities in an enterprise.

Automated Shutdown

A full line of power communications software and hardware products that enable network or manual management of an orchestrated shutdown by prioritizing server operations allows critical equipment to remain online longer or complete a full shutdown before going offline.

Local and Remote Monitoring Panels

Packaged monitoring solutions allow autonomous microprocessor-controlled modules to provide supervision and control of Liebert equipment.  

Battery Monitoring

Battery testing and monitoring software and equipment designed to prevent battery failure, optimize useful battery life, reduce maintenance costs, and increase safety.  

Leak Detection

Leak detection systems provide fast reporting of the presence and location of conductive liquids.   

Centralized Monitoring

Centralized site monitoring software and hardware assures maximum visibility and availability of critical data center operations.  By leveraging web technology, these systems allow oversight and control of critical support systems from anywhere and at any time.

IT Network Monitoring

IT network monitoring software and hardware leverages the facility's network infrastructure to allow oversight and control of directly connected critical support systems.

Third Party Monitoring

Third party monitoring software and hardware provides multiple paths for integrating equipment into building management systems by supporting open protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, and SNMP.

Environmental Monitoring

Packet Power's range of wireless environmental monitors combines industry-leading flexibility with exceptionally low costs. Track temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure where needed. And installation is fast and easy.

Wireless Monitoring

A full wireless power monitor housed in a gang box that attaches to the panel, the single­-circuit monitor provides a simple, cost­-effective way to monitor a panel’s input circuit.

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