New Generation Liebert Mini-Mate Ceiling Mounted Cooling System

The Liebert Mini-Mate 5.6kW-14kW (4-ton) or 7.0kW-17kW (5-ton) variable capacity system is an efficient and reliable ceiling-mounted precision cooling system for edge computing and other small IT spaces. 

Saves You Money

  • As much as 20 percent lower energy use than previous models
  • Zero-footprint ceiling mounted system
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased management productivity through advanced controls and monitoring

Lowers Your Risks

  • Integrated advanced Liebert® iCOM™ controls with automated protection routines
  • Remote monitoring, management and alarm troubleshooting through optional iCOM CMS monitoring system
  • Can be mounted outside IT space to support IT security

Simplifies Thermal Management

  • Automated control routines coordinate multi-unit operation for redundant systems to optimize efficiency
  • Advanced control algorithms manage unit lead/lag, protect against coil freeze, minimize compressor wear, and operate your system efficiently
  • Optional remote monitoring via iCOM™ CMS alerts you of system problems and enables you to easily contact service personnel

Maximum Efficiency and Scalable capacity

  • Direct-drive variable speed fans
  • Variable capacity compressor

Simple Installation

  • Ceiling-mounted, zero footprint
  • Single-sided maintenance access reduces ceiling space requirements
  • Side, back and down airflow supply configurations

Easy Maintenance

  • Installation inside the IT space or outside the IT space for round-theclock accessibility
  • No drive belts and fewer moving parts than alternative systems
  • No need for hot-gas bypass capacity control – no manual capacity adjustment needed
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