The Rackmount Three-Phase UPS Solution: Liebert ITA2

For three-phase critical systems under 10kVA, consider the Liebert ITA2 UPS. It stabilizes power to protect systems and data. Professionals can define the feature set they need to meet their IT performance goals.

The Liebert ITA2 UPS features: 8 and 10kVA three-phase (3:3) online power protection, high power factor, compact design, rackmount or tower form factor, high operating efficiency, flexible output distribution, optional maintenance bypass cabinet, intuitive control panel. Easy to install, cable and operate.

More of What You Need: High Power Density

The Liebert® ITA2™ is designed with a high power factor in a small footprint. This increased power density maximizes the usable power to meet the needs of advanced IT operations.

Maintenance Bypass Cabinet Enables Availability and Flexibility

Utilize the optimized maintenance bypass option to enhance availability and keep your critical systems running during routine service or replacement. A maintenance bypass interlock ensures proper bypass operation.

Power Distribution: Easier, Faster, Less Costly Deployment

Fast, flexible and easy to deploy power output distribution options can be quickly matched for specific power requirements. Hardwired is standard, with several integrated options to obtain convenient receptacle connectivity.

Rackmount Power Made Easy 

Vertical/Tower Placement

Ideally Suited For Powering Many IT Systems

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