Vertiv Smart Solutions: Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure

What Makes the SmartRow™ Offering Unique?

Imagine the advantages of an intelligent, integrated infrastructure with all the capabilities you need to achieve your IT objectives.

The SmartRow infrastructure utilizes seven data center best practices and technologies to achieve a unique set of benefits.

  • 1. Maximizes the return temperature at the cooling units to improve capacity and efficiency
  • 2. Matches cooling capacity with IT load
  • 3. Utilizes cooling design that reduces energy consumption
  • 4. Uses power management systems that optimize availability and efficiency
  • 5. Features a design the enhances flexibility using scalable architectures that minimize footprint
  • 6. Utilizes real-time infrastructure optimization to provision resources faster, increase efficiency and reduce stranded capacity
  • 7. Leverages the availability of in-market data center design expertise and technical assistance

Deploy a Fully Configured Data Center in Just Weeks

Availability, Capacity, Efficiency.

You need them – and now you can have them all.

Another first from Vertiv™. The SmartRow™ infrastructure from Vertiv is a simplified, standardized and quickly deployable data center environment with significant CAPEX and OPEX savings over conventional designs. No other solution on the market provides such ease of deployment and integration. This complete data center infrastructure solution allows you to easily deploy and effectively manage an integrated IT infrastructure without being limited by building systems such as fire suppression and cooling.

SmartRow is available in three- to six-rack configurations for up to 20kW of total capacity; and six-rack to ten-rack configurations for up to 36kW of total capacity. The solution allows the flexibility of starting small and expanding over time.

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