Thermal Management

Precision cooling products provide the precise, year-round cooling required by sensitive electronics while protecting them from the environmental hazards of dust, temperature, and humidity.


Rack/cabinet solution sizes for thermal management are intended for cooling a single rack.

Small/Medium Room

Small/medium room solution sizes for thermal management range from 1 ton to 60 tons of cooling capacity and intended for cooling several racks.

Heat Rejection

Heat rejection units are the condensing units required for split cooling systems, capable of rejecting 1 to 150 tons.

Extreme Density

Extreme density is a category of thermal management systems intended for cooling single racks that emit unusually high amounts of heat.


Enterprise thermal management systems are capable of working together to cool large data centers that require more than 60 tons of cooling.

Process Chillers

Thermal management for MRI, medical, industrial, and HVAC applications.

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