Common Power Preventive Maintenance Finds

November 01, 2022

The ESS/Vertiv Services team takes pride in its ability to successfully guide customers in choosing the right services based on the criticality of their facilities. For example, a hospital data center responsible for managing patient information and supporting life-saving technology may have more critical loads and would require much more critical power protection and equipment than a local library.

Micro Data Center Helps Simplify Complex Edge Environments

October 19, 2022

We are at an interesting inflection point in the data center industry. To support the vast universe of applications requiring computing, data centers are becoming more and more complex. At the same time, more of this computing is happening at the edge of the network, absent on-site IT support. The challenge for us as providers of data center solutions is to deliver computing capable of performing complex functions in packages that are easy to install, operate and support.

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A Three-Phase UPS For Every Need

October 01, 2022

The Liebert® ITA2 UPS offers economical, efficient and reliable three-phase power for critical loads under 10kVA.

A Three-Phase UPS That Lets You Scale With Confidence

September 01, 2022

IT demands continue to escalate, but controlling costs becomes more difficult. Investing in an efficient and flexible power solution to manage capital and operating costs is a must.

The Role of Building Commissioning in Enabling Healthcare Expansion

August 26, 2022

The global pandemic put a huge strain on healthcare facilities. We are hopefully through the worst effects of the pandemic on healthcare facilities, but the challenge of healthcare capacity is not limited to short-term surges in demand.