Compact Perimeter Cooling Solutions & Efficient, Scalable, Intelligent Power Optimized for Midsize IT

October 01, 2019

Introducing thermal management solutions that efficiently lower your operating costs and pack a lot of capacity into a small footprint.

Rack Cooling System: Vertiv Liebert VRC

September 02, 2019

The Vertiv™ VRC™ is a self-contained IT rack cooling unit designed specifically for critical equipment in small server rooms, network closets and edge computing spaces.

Intelligent and Efficient UPS for Protection of Your Mission-Critical Applications

August 01, 2019

The Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT5 UPS is an online double conversion UPS solution which offers premium ower outage protection and continuous power conditioning in a compact and flexible rack/tower form factor.

Vertiv Liebert Free Cooling Systems

July 01, 2019

Vertiv custom air handling systems are the premium solution for controlling business environments.

Vertiv Announces Upgrade to Industry’s Most Popular Rackmount On-line UPS for Critical Network and Edge Applications

June 10, 2019

Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT5 boosts power and efficiency, enhancing the small space segment of the premium UPS channel portfolio in North America.