The New Vertiv Liebert DSE 55-85kW

December 03, 2018

A Highly Efficient, Self-Optimizing Solution for Thermal Management

The Liebert® DSE™ provides industry-leading thermal management efficiency, protection and insight. It uses no water for economization and its innovative design makes it up to 50% more efficient than legacy solutions. Designed with unparalleled expertise, it is part of Vertiv's Thermal Management solutions that make your data center as dynamic as your business.

The Liebert DSE solution lets you simplify every aspect of thermal management.

1. Add Capacity Efficiently with a modular, scalable design and no need for additional chillers, cooling towers, or ductwork

2. Economize Easily with automatic switchover

3. Operate Hassle-Free with advanced controls and no water usage

4. Optimize Intelligently with Liebert iCOM™ advanced thermal management system

5. Streamline Maintenance with use of water, outside air, or manual adjustments