Subzero Engineering: Keep it Cool

January 01, 2020

From its inception, Subzero’s offerings have always been about three things:

CUSTOMIZATION Data centers are varied and dynamic, the solutions that go inside them should be too. Subzero’s entire line of products are all completely customizable allowing the ability to quickly design, ship, and install.

QUALITY A culture of best-in-class has been a part of Subzero from the beginning. From the raw materials used, to the components sourced, this self-imposed standard ensures that a great design becomes an even greater product.

FIT AND FINISH Flexibility and quality are important, but it needs to look good too. High precision machining combined with thoughtfulness in design guarantees a great looking product. Highly trained and experienced site service teams ensure each project is deployed to meet the quality standards above.

Subzero Products

  • Polar Cap 2
  • Polar Roof
  • Elite Series Aisle End Doors 
  • SL Series Aisle End Doors
  • Rack Hat & Strip Doors
  • Wall Panels
  • Polar Booth
  • Airflow Management Products