Best Practices for Strengthening IT Infrastructure Security

May 05, 2020

IT organizations are enabling remote workforces rapidly, to maintain business continuity and productivity and protect businesses and employees. However, this initiative will create new security risks and threats.

IT leaders know they can’t simply open up their IT infrastructure for remote access without creating and enforcing security policies and controls. As remote workers use more devices and their own Wi-Fi connections to access the network, security risks grow. Bad actors are already seeking to take advantage of these massive changes, which is why IT organizations need to move proactively to safeguard systems, enforce access controls, and identify and resolve high-priority risks and threats.

While all industries need to strengthen security now, chief among them are tightly regulated industries where workers handle sensitive data such as financial services, healthcare and retail. Also having a pressing need to ensure IT system security, are those groups where workers require access to sensitive data to perform mission-critical assignments, such as military and other government agencies.

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