Looking for Efficient and Reliable Power Distribution for your Mission-Critical Applications?

February 01, 2021

Liebert® TFX

The Liebert® TFX is a floor-mounted power distribution unit (PDU) for enterprise companies and multi-tenant colocation providers. Offering customized configuration and a compact footprint, the Liebert TFX provides reliable uninterrupted single- or two-stage power distribution in small-to mid-sized data centers, network and server rooms, edge applications, and remote mission-critical facilities.

For companies that require custom distribution to meet the specific needs of their facilities, the Liebert TFX offers flexible power options. The unit is made-to-order, and is shipped to you with panelboards and subfeeds configured according to your specifications. Also, as power demands grow, you can add Liebert® FLX expansion cabinets to supplement the base transformer with additional capacity.

The Liebert TFX helps to solve the problems of limited space and mobility for PDUs in data center facilities. The compact transformer cabinet can easily be moved through doorways and installed in corners, enabling you to make better use of floorspace for IT equipment. The unit's modular design features isolated panelboards, making it safe for engineers to do onsite maintenance on individual low-voltage monitoring components while the rest of the unit is live. An intuitive power monitoring system keeps you informed of operating status, equipment loads, and potential overloads

  • Compact design: Space-saving unit requires minimal floor space, and can fit through any doorway or into freight elevators.
  • Touchscreen control: 9-inch color LCD touchscreen for system programming and power monitoring.
  • Easy maintenance access: Front access only for service, side access recommended for installation.
  • Custom configurations: Power configurations are made-to-order, according to your application demands.
  • Panelboards and subfeeds: Each unit includes up to 3 x 42P panelboards, and 5 x 600AF or 12 x 250AF subfeeds.
  • Isolated PCBs: Engineers can safely service or replace low voltage printed circuit boards while high-voltage breakers are live.
  • Product warranty: Comprehensive coverage through a standard exchange warranty. (One year after product startup, or 18 months after shipment.)