Simple, Flexible and Efficient Containment for Every Data Center

April 01, 2021

The Vertiv Aisle Containment System is a rack-independent system with the flexibility to maximize efficiency and capacity from the core to the edge for raised floor and slab data centers. Adaptable to hot and cold aisle containment, the Vertiv Aisle Containment System allows you to deploy containment before racks are installed to simplify installation and speed deployment of new data center equipment.

With ceiling heights adjustable to 52U, and a full range of blanking panels & height adapters, the Vertiv Aisle Containment System can support standard-size racks as well as auxiliary equipment, such as in-row UPS and cooling systems. Horizontal beams telescope from 10 to 16 feet to adapt to any aisle length and the system support aisle widths from three to six feet.

A variety of roof options enable different approaches to fire suppression and airflow management. The system can also support aboverack cable management. While the Vertiv Aisle Containment System is highly configurable, it uses standardized components that simplify ordering and enable short delivery windows.

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