The Vertiv™ Liebert® CRV Combines the Best Footprint Cooling Capacity with the Highest Efficiency

September 01, 2021

The Vertiv™ Liebert® CRV is a precision data center cooling solution, integrated within a row of data center racks and was designed to address some of the major challenges seen in high density applications. With adjustable airflow baffles and controls that independently manage airflow and temperature, the Liebert CRV can precisely deliver highly efficient cooling in the row where it’s needed. The system is available in multiple options, providing flexibility for any installation.

Key Benefits
  • Designed with a minimal footprint to save valuable floorspace in edge applications, server rooms, and small data centers
  • Highly efficient, scalable cooling capacity provides lower energy consumption and operational costs
  • Adjustable air discharge baffles improve cold air distribution, eliminating hot spots in the row
  • Simultaneous top and bottom connections allow for greater flexibility during installation for various building configurations
  • Multiple monitoring protocols and multi-unit teamworking allows users to stay informed of system conditions at all times
Best Suited For:
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance 
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting 
  • Education
  • Government 
  • Healthcare 
  • Retail and Wholesale