Vertiv Liebert® PSA5™ & Liebert® PST5™

July 02, 2018

The PSA5 UPS is an economical, line-interactive UPS battery backup technology designed with the features you need for reliable power protection for small/home office computers, network gear, and home entertainment equipment. Designed with easy controls for user friendly operation, the Liebert PSA5 provides the run time to save work in process and orderly shutdown your equipment.

The Liebert PST5 is an offline UPS technology that provides power backup protection for desktop computers, gaming consoles, workstations, wireless networks and routers, surveillance systems and other electronics. Designed with easy controls for worry free operation, the Liebert PST5 features ample time for you to save your work in progress and/or complete an orderly shutdown for your equipment when you experience a power outage.

The Energy Star certified Liebert PSA5 is an economical, line-interactive UPS battery backup technology designed with the features you need for reliable power protection for small office/home office computers, network gear, and home entertainment equipment. The Liebert PST5 series UPS is Energy Star certified and provides backup power and protection during damaging surges, spikes or power outages while remaining energy efficient

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Rack Power Distribution: Geist PDUs

June 01, 2018

Geist PDUS - Pair Reliable Power with the Ultimate in Flexibility 

  • Manage critical issues that arise with the click of a few buttons on a smart phone or computer
  • Disable problem equipment by cutting power to specific outlets
  • Reboot equipment remotely by cycling power
  • Save time and money by avoiding sending technicians to the source of the issue

Geist Monitored & Switched PDUs provide individual outlet monitoring and control for remote reboots and automated load balancing. While monitored PDUs can display information remotely, only switched PDUs offer the ability to use that data and disable individual power outlets. 

Never Worry About Downtime Again

Outlet Level Control

With remote control of individual outlet, increase runtime of critical equipment during power failure by turning off non-essential loads

Outlet Level Monitoring

Analyze power trends and perform capacity planning through detailed views of the power distributed to specific equipment

New Generation Liebert Mini-Mate Ceiling Mounted Cooling System

May 01, 2018

The Liebert Mini-Mate 4 & 5-ton (14 & 17.5 kW) variable capacity system is an efficient and reliable ceiling-mounted precision cooling system for edge computing and other small IT spaces. It saves customers money and increases IT protection through a high-efficiency variable capacity design, fast installation, lower maintenance requirements and built-in remote monitoring and management.

A rugged, reliable solution, the new Liebert Mini-Mate improves upon the design of the previous generations, with more than 100,000 installations worldwide. It increases energy efficiency by as much as 20 percent and provides easier servicing and greater protection.

The Liebert Mini-Mate uses advanced Liebert iCOM controls to manage multi-unit teamwork and provide automated protection routines. In addition, remote monitoring, management and alarm troubleshooting are available through integration with iCOM CMS Monitoring and Control System, accessible via a mobile app, secure desktops and building management systems.

Saves You Money

  • As much as 20 percent lower energy use than previous models
  • Zero-footprint ceiling mounted system
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased management productivity through advanced controls and monitoring

Efficient, Scalable, Intelligent Power Optimized for Midsize IT: Liebert EXM

April 02, 2018

The Liebert EXM UPS provides efficient and economical operation with a flexible power system offering scalable and redundant features that is optimized to meet the unique demands of midsize IT and critical power applications. An intuitive, customizable touchscreen control panel provides Status At A Glance information and multiple levels of user security. Matching ancillary cabinets provide the ability to meet specific demands for run time, bypass and parallel requirements.

Quick Configure Program

Need a 3 phase UPS to meet a tight deadline? Try the Quick Configure & Delivery program, and get a 10-40kVA UPS in just 4 days (continental US): The Liebert® EXM™ UPS is now available in Quick Configure SKUs in order to enable rapid quoting and ordering.

Power Solution, Quick and Easy:

  1. Select Capacity(kVA)
  2. Select Battery Time
  3. Select Voltage (30-40kVA can accommodate 480V with input transformer)
  4. Select Startup/Service Preference

UL924 Compliant Liebert UPS Systems

Vertiv offers several alternatives to address almost any facility’s back-up power needs. Underwriter’s Lab 924 standard has long applied to emergency lighting and power equipment, intended for connection to branch circuits of 600 volts or less. Such equipment shall automatically supply illumination or power or both to critical areas and equipment in the event of failure of the normal electrical supply, in accordance with Article 700 or 701 of the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, the Fire Code, NFPA 1, the International Building Code, IBC, and the International Fire Code, IFC

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's CoE reviews Packet Power's Environmental Monitors

March 16, 2018

The Center of Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers (CoE), located at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, recently completed an in-depth analysis of several portable air management measurement tools for use in small data centers.  

Here's part of what they had to say about Packet Power's wireless environmental monitoring solution.

"The system was found to be very easy to use in quickly gathering highly accurate data on rack air inlet temperatures. It is an inexpensive, pocket-sized system that does not need extra equipment besides a laptop and an Ethernet cable to be useful. The simplicity of use is an advantage for small data centers with limited resources and expertise. It can also be inexpensively expanded to include additional sensors and graphing capabilities."

Go to to read the complete report.

E302 wireless environmental monitor

The Rapid Deployment Pack reviewed includes a wireless environmental monitor (E302, E306 or E312), temperature sensors, an Ethernet Gateway and an EMX Energy Portallicense. The report notes the flexibility of the solution and the ease of expanding monitoring points and monitoring applications.

About the Center of Expertise and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The Department of Energy-led Center of Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers (CoE) demonstrates national leadership in decreasing the energy use of data centers. Through the supply of technical support, tools, best practices, analyses and the introduction of technologies, CoE assists federal agencies and other organizations implement data center energy efficiency projects. The Center of Expertise is located at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), a leading source for technical expertise on energy efficiency in data centers.

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Vertiv Introduces Compact Entry-Level KVM System

March 15, 2018

Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, today introduced the Avocent®AV100 KVM switch, a single-user KVM switch tailored for IT rooms, small data centers, branch offices and other small spaces. Designed specifically for on-site asset management, the Avocent AV100 delivers a simple, cost-effective solution to streamline server access and control. It is available globally.

The Avocent AV100 is available in 4, 8 and 16 port models. All models allow DisplayPort and VGA connections, an important feature as more server manufacturers move to DisplayPort connectivity. They also come with a USB port dedicated for firmware updates. The KVM is designed to support applications that do not allow IP connectivity, eliminating a potential access point for hackers and enhancing network security.

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Geist Announces New Version of DCIM Software

March 06, 2018

Geist, a division of Vertiv and provider of intelligent power and management solutions for data centers, announced version 4.8 of Environet, its popular data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software. Environet is best known for exceptional real time monitoring of data center equipment in facilities ranging from hyperscale to edge environments. Environet 4.8 is available immediately and is a free upgrade to customers with a current support contract.

Environet 4.8 offers faster and more intuitive access to comprehensive data center metrics through a streamlined user interface featuring improved navigation and visualizations. The new version also adds HTML compatibility, expanding its range of supported browser platforms. 

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The Rackmount Three-Phase UPS Solution: Liebert ITA2

March 01, 2018

The Liebert® ITA2™ is an online UPS designed to power three-phase (in/ out), 208/220V IT systems, simply, reliably and economically.


  • Compact, high power density design
  • Online Three-phase (3:3) 
  • High power factor
  • Rackmount or tower form factor 
  • Scalable battery runtimes 
  • Fast battery recharge
  • High operating efficiency (>93% in dual conversion mode, 99% in eco mode)
  • Flexible output distribution and cord set options
  • Controllable output terminals
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Maintenance bypass cabinet (optional)
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Advanced battery monitoring 
  • Unity network communications card (IT network and building management systems)
  • Easy to install, wire and operate 
  • Power Assurance Package and LIFE Services options 

Key Benefits

  • Flexible placement. Use inside a rack or in a tower configuration
  • Compact, high power density
  • Easy to install and manage
  • High power factor maximizes the usable power
  • Operates efficiently to save energy
  • Optimized maintenance bypass maintains power, even during servicing (optional)
  • Extended battery runtimes (optional)
  • Flexible, easy to configure power distribution

4 Ways to Save Money in Your Data Center

February 21, 2018

When the cost of data center downtime averages nearly $9,000 per minute, avoiding such an event is the first and most obvious way to save money. However, here are four ways to save that help your organization avoid downtime while also optimizing performance. 

1. Commission Your Facility 

Increasingly complex systems and assemblies mean more opportunities for problems that could lead to costly outages for your facility. Commissioning (Cx) helps identify and correct the major culprits behind failures such as design, installation, and startup deficiencies. To further maximize availability, Cx verifies and documents that all critical systems — power, cooling, and building automation — function together as a fully integrated system. 

Cx also helps to reduce the lifecycle costs of the facility. The Cx process improves system operation while providing benchmarking data that can be used to maintain optimal performance. When systems are optimized, they’re not only more reliable; they are more efficient, too. Cx activities can verify proper functionality of specific efficiency features that are part of the system design.


Vertiv Introduces Compact UPS System for Edge Deployments

February 05, 2018

Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, today introduced the Liebert® ITA2, a compact, three-phase, 8 and 10kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system designed for local and remote IT deployments at the edge of the network. The latest addition to the Vertiv UPS portfolio gives customers a powerful, efficient battery backup solution with three-phase input and output for 208/220V IT requirements. The system is available in various models globally and through Vertiv channel partners.

The Liebert ITA2 is a true on-line UPS that can be used in rackmount or tower arrangements, with a compact design allowing easy installation and flexible placement in the tight spaces typical of edge deployments. Three-phase input allows users to utilize a building’s existing electrical architectures more effectively, with a power factor of up to 1.0 helping the UPS maximize rated power to the IT systems. The Liebert ITA2 saves utility costs by operating at over 93 percent efficiency in dual conversion mode and up to 99 percent in eco-mode. Intelligent network communications and monitoring is provided via a Vertiv Unity communications card. 

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