Vertiv Smart Solutions: Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure

January 03, 2018

A simple solution designed to expand IT capacity when you don’t have the luxury of more data center space. The SmartRow solution is ideally suited for environments where dedicated IT room improvements are not practical or cost effective. It is the perfect solution for spaces not designed to be IT environments. And it can be placed unobtrusively into work spaces. No fire suppression system upgrades to the room are needed since fire suppression is integrated into the solution. No dedicated room cooling is necessary, and it can work in a non-raised floor environment. This space-saving solution integrates the industry’s finest and most efficient infrastructure technologies all within a single row. It is well suited to serve as a primary data center or a separate disaster recovery solution.

1. High-efficiency dedicated cooling and environmental controls – Liebert® PDX/PCW ™ dedicated cooling system with Liebert iCOM™ controls and patented digital scroll technology to match cooling to rack load

2. Room-neutral design – allows this system to be placed virtually anywhere, even in environments where people are working

3. Secure – Lockable cabinets and access-triggered alarms work together to put you in control of your environment

4. Integrated fire suppression – saves 66% over room-based systems by avoiding room upgrades

5. Simple, fully integrated infrastructure – racks, dedicated cooling, management, fire suppression, cable management and power distribution are designed to work together, saving you time and money on installation and operation

6. Sealed plenums and contained airflow – provide greater cooling efficiency

7. Integrated emergency fans - operated by UPS in case of outage to exhaust heat

8. Comprehensive, remote data center infrastructure management – Liebert Nform™ and Avocent® appliances and software provide comprehensive, remote monitoring and control

9. Flexible platform for easy configuration – SmartRow DCR racks accommodate any type of IT or networking equipment, and maximize space utilization

10.Reliable on-line uninterruptible power – Liebert GXT4™ UPS with the industry’s smallest footprint and / or the flexible 5-20kVA Liebert APS™ modular, redundant UPS for row -based applications.

11. Flexible rack PDUs - MPX™ adaptive rack PDU or MPH2™ managed rack PDU provide flexibility and power control at the receptacle level, and faster implementation of IT equipment

12. Low-voltage cable entry in top and rear of plenum

13. Power connections - and heat rejection connections

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