4 Ways to Save Money in Your Data Center

February 21, 2018

When the cost of data center downtime averages nearly $9,000 per minute, avoiding such an event is the first and most obvious way to save money. However, here are four ways to save that help your organization avoid downtime while also optimizing performance. 

1. Commission Your Facility 

Increasingly complex systems and assemblies mean more opportunities for problems that could lead to costly outages for your facility. Commissioning (Cx) helps identify and correct the major culprits behind failures such as design, installation, and startup deficiencies. To further maximize availability, Cx verifies and documents that all critical systems — power, cooling, and building automation — function together as a fully integrated system. 

Cx also helps to reduce the lifecycle costs of the facility. The Cx process improves system operation while providing benchmarking data that can be used to maintain optimal performance. When systems are optimized, they’re not only more reliable; they are more efficient, too. Cx activities can verify proper functionality of specific efficiency features that are part of the system design.


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