Subzero Airflow Containment

The Subzero Engineering Cube cable cutout cover is the most effective way to fill in openings in your raised floor. The Cube comes in a variety of sizes that will cover any opening required. It can be ordered in custom sizes or several standard sizes. The Cube is made of a fireproof material and installation is easy. Simply compress or squeeze The Cube, place into the opening, and release! The Cube will instantly fill in all around the raised floor opening (top, bottom, and side).

The Cube is specifically engineered with a 5-1/2″ depth so that it fully separates subfloor and ambient air. The Cube is the most effective way to cover these openings and to not lose cold air. Larger cubes can also be used to create a subfloor wall or baffle. The Cube is an easy and efficient way to manage airflow during data center expansions.

The Egg Crate Ceiling Grille airflow management solution is an important tool in helping design an energy efficient data center. It is designed to work with the natural properties of rising hot air.

The Subzero Engineering Egg Crate Ceiling Grille is used most effectively with hot aisle containment to allow hot IT equipment exhaust air to pass into the drop-ceiling void and be directed back to the AC unit. This allows for warmer, dryer air to return to the AC unit. As a result, the AC unit functions more efficiently and can provide increased cooling.

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Technical Specifications
Egg Crate Ceiling Grille


Technical Specs