Vertiv Liebert iCOM

The Liebert iCOM unit control is part of the Liebert iCOM family of thermal monitoring, management and control solutions, which include the Liebert iCOM-S system supervisory control and the iCOM CMS monitoring and management system for remote edge computing and other small IT spaces.

The Liebert iCOM unit control provides the highest protection available and optimal performance of individual cooling units. It monitors 380 unit and component data points to eliminate single points of failure. Self-healing features keep the cooling unit from passing unsafe operating thresholds. Multiple, automated unit protection routines, including lead/lag, cascade, rapid restart, refrigerant protection and valve calibration ensure reliable performance. The system’s highly intuitive, full-color, touch screen simplifies setup and permits quick installation and control of cooling units to save time and reduce human error.

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Technical Specifications
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