Vertiv Liebert Sitelink

The Liebert SiteLink communication interface allows 32-bit architecture communication between the existing Building Management System and Liebert environmental, power, and UPS products via Modbus or BACnet. Liebert SiteLink modules are available in 12 port and 4 port configurations.

The Liebert SiteLink-E™ interface module is a BACnet router that provides the communications link between Liebert units and other protocols and modules. The Liebert SiteLink-E module communicates with Liebert equipment such as environmental units, UPSs, frequency converters and power distribution units.

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Technical Specifications
ModelsApplicationsProcessorServer Operating SystemSupported BrowsersVersion

Liebert SiteIO-E SSW-28IOE


Liebert SiteIP-E

Liebert Sitelink TPI-E          
Liebert Sitelink-E 2E, 4E, 12E