Vertiv Liebert PB Indoor Drycoolers

The Liebert Series PB Drycooler is an indoor centrifugal drycooler, which is matched with corresponding indoor CRAC unit, to provide closed system cooling for pumped Glycol heat-transfer fluid.    Designed for applications where an outdoor heat rejection location is not practical.  Through-the-wall duct work allows for installation adjacent to the cooling unit and remote locations.  Front or top air discharge configurations available.  Provides a complete heat rejection package with dual or single pumps, expansion tank, and modulating 3-way Glycol-control valve mounted internally.  Arrives fully wired, piped, and tested for easy installation.

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Technical Specifications 
ModelsHeight (in/mm)Width (in/mm)Depth (in/mm)Weight (lbs/kgs)
PDD,PDS,PDN 85 / 216 97-120 / 246-305 45 / 114 1230-1680 / 558-762


Technical Specifications