Rack Cooling System: Vertiv Liebert VRC

September 02, 2019

Fast, Easy Installation and Set-Up

Self-contained VRC100 series models include integrated heat rejection system, pre-charged with refrigerant, and plug connection for quick plug-and-play installation.

  • Designed to fit within standard 19" network rack rails.
  • Easy to handle; under 150 lbs. 
  • Heat rejection duct kit easily connects heat rejection air outlet to ceiling plenum, through a flexible duct.
  • Condensate evaporation simplifies condensate drain management.

Saves Floor Space

  • Self-contained rack-mounted cooling system: 10U.

Highly Efficient, Scalable Capacity

  • Variable speed components continually match temperature and airflow to changing loads.

Remote Monitoring

  • Modbus-RTU for connection to building management system, and a plug-in SNMP card for monitoring over the network.