Compact Perimeter Cooling Solutions & Efficient, Scalable, Intelligent Power Optimized for Midsize IT

October 01, 2019

Compact Perimeter Cooling Solutions Direct Expansion System

Liebert® PDX™ and Liebert PCW™ compact perimeter cooling solutions let you achieve the highest efficiency and protection with low capital, installation and maintenance costs. They replace the highly regarded and popular Liebert Challenger™ 3000 data center cooling system, offering enhanced features including:

  • Net capacity per footprint of up to 3.6kW per square foot – the industry's highest
  • Industry's most compact footprint y Wide capacity range of 11kW – 29kW
  • Compliance with U.S. Department of Energy minimum efficiency standards for data center equipment
  • High efficiency fans and compressors
  • Hydrophillic slab coil

Options include

  • Air -cooled; water/glycol-cooled; GLYCOOL™ Free-cooling; dual cool (DX & CW); chilled water
  • Upflow, downflow, front & side discharge
  • Infrared and steam gen humidifiers
  • Electric reheat
  • All 60 Hz 3-phase voltages including 575V

Liebert iCOM-S™ thermal system control is available for optimizing the performance of multiple cooling units and providing access to operational data, system diagnostics and trending.

Efficient and Economical So You Can Contol Your Costs

The Liebert EXM UPS was purposefully designed to provide efficient power protection that can meet your operating and capital requirements.

  • Unity Power Factor ensures more power is provided in a smaller footprint, thus increasing system capacity while minimizing cabling and installation costs
  • Delivers high efficiency levels throughout the capacity range
  • 208 or 480 volt systems
  • Transformer-free design saves space, capital, weight and shipping costs
  • Superior operating efficiencies are realized through both the Eco-Mode option, which performs at 99% and the Double Conversion Mode, which delivers 97% (480V models)
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified