How Healthcare Providers Can Use Edge Computing to Offer Telehealth Applications

June 24, 2021

Question: How can healthcare providers use technology to improve remote patient care?

Healthcare organizations are using telemedicine, wearables, mobile applications, sensor-tagged medication, and other tools to improve patient care and compliance. Healthcare providers need to ensure these critical services have continuous connectivity and high availability to deliver the highest level of care and involve patients more fully in their health journey.

In addition, healthcare providers must be able to access, store and process sensitive patient data with the highest level of security to meet industry and organization compliance requirements. Due to mergers, acquisitions, and the proliferation of healthcare systems, many hospitals and healthcare facilities struggle with stretched or outdated IT. Plus, remote facilities, such as physicians’ offices and retail clinics, often lack the infrastructure needed to support video calls and other telemedicine applications.

As a result, healthcare providers want to rapidly evolve IT capabilities to support telehealth application growth, while also ensuring network reliability, security, and regulatory compliance.

Edge computing localizes data processing and storage, enabling healthcare providers to deliver connected applications and generate near-real-time analytics while meeting regulatory requirements. However, these sites will need to be carefully monitored, managed, and scaled to ensure health care providers are able to deliver quality care to their patients.

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