Compact Perimeter Cooling Solutions

July 01, 2021

Liebert® PDX™ and Liebert PCW™ compact perimeter cooling solutions let you achieve the highest efficiency and protection with low capital, installation and maintenance costs. They replace the highly regarded and popular Liebert Challenger™ 3000 data center cooling system, offering enhanced features including:

  • Net capacity per footprint of up to 3.6kW per square foot – the industry's highest y Industry's most compact footprint
  • Wide capacity range of 11kW – 29kW
  • Compliance with U.S. Department of Energy minimum efficiency standards for data center equipment
  • High efficiency fans and compressors
  • Hydrophillic slab coil

Options include

  • Air -cooled; water/glycol-cooled; GLYCOOL™ Free-cooling; dual cool (DX & CW); chilled water
  • Upflow, downflow, front & side discharge
  • Infrared and steam gen humidifiers
  • Electric reheat
  • All 60 Hz 3-phase voltages including 575V

Liebert iCOM-S™ thermal system control is available for optimizing the performance of multiple cooling units and providing access to operational data, system diagnostics and trending.

Flexible Configurations

Ideal Applications

  • Small and medium IT spaces
  • Telecommunications switching offices
  • Industrial process control
  • Laboratories and medical imaging suites