Local Financial Services Company Achieves Success with ESS & Vertiv ERS Services

January 03, 2022


A local American multinational financial services company achieves success in using Vertiv ERS services and ESS in-house commissioning for their PDU and STS acceptance testing. Uptime of critical operations is crucial for the success in the banking industry. A system outage would have an adverse effect on the company’s financial condition, customer satisfaction, and operational cash flow. To support such a critical environment, the customer needed a reliable and efficient power solution.

Local ESS In-House Servicing

With the benefit of ESS's local facility, we performed all commissioning of the equipment in-house. This was a critical step for the customer and avoided any disruption of normal operations. With having the commissioning done ahead of time, the equipment arrived onsite, which increased the efficiency of project delivery to the end user.


With an increased focus on online banking, the local financial facility needed to ensure all of their project deadlines we're met. This existing customer was satisfied with service quality and is looking to partner with ESS again in the future.

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