Rapid Deployment and Flexibility? Who Says You Can’t Have It All?

May 01, 2022

Prefabricated Modular Data Centers let you install capacity quickly. But can they really meet all of your unique requirements?

The ‘word priorities’ (plural) is a relatively new concept. Originally, the term was priority—suggesting that you have just one primary objective to accomplish, and everything else takes a back seat. But in a world where often-competing demands are coming at data center managers from every angle, it’s a laughable concept. IT decision makers simply must have solutions that check multiple boxes simultaneously.

Yet, that holy grail has been elusive. It seems there’s always a need for give and take. Prefabricated Modular (PFM) data centers provide a case in point. Yes, with their pre-integrated, right-sized infrastructure, they let you add the rack storage, backup power, and cooling capacity you need quickly and easily compared to conventional or stick build facilities.

But you typically must be willing to take what you get, at least to some extent. For deployments with unique or specialized infrastructure requirements, something that’s already built and ready to ship is highly unlikely to be exactly suited to specifications. You have to be willing to give up a tailor-made solution to get the speed. Or, at least that’s been the widely held belief.

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