How to Implement Liquid Cooling at Existing Data Centers

November 01, 2023

The future of data center thermal management has arrived - and it's a hybrid of air and liquid cooling technologies. So, how fast will you supplement higher-density air-cooled workloads with liquid cooling infrastructure?

As demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models surge, you’re likely evolving your cooling strategy and exploring new options. To help you navigate this process, Vertiv has developed Deploying Liquid Cooling in the Data Center. This technical guide provides practical strategies and a step-by-step roadmap on adopting liquid cooling for 1MW IT loads.

Key Drivers of Growth

The arrival of large-language models like ChatGPT, Claude, LLaMA, and others has sparked enterprise interest in traditional and generative AI and ML. Companies are increasing use of AI and ML to optimize processes and accelerate innovation.

The development of the newest AI servers is driving heat loads to reach 6 kW to 10 kW per server. And chip, server, and rack heat densities are only continuing to rise.

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