The SmartRow™ is a complete Edge data center pre-Engineered by Vertiv for lightning-fast deployment.

December 01, 2023

How Vertiv™ SmartRow™ Simplifies Deployment

Pre-engineered systems simplify edge deployments with a repeatable and scalable solution, enabling business agility for future growth.

Time Consuming Process

The process from planning to commissioning takes 6 – 12 months on average and is difficult to predict with confidence.

Hidden Costs

Over half the cost of a deployment goes to the process, including planning, consulting, site prep, etc.

Cooling Capacity

Computing generates too much heat for the existing infrastructure, requiring additional cooling capacity.

Power Upgrades

New compute technologies may require more power than the current facility can handle.


IT distributed across multiple sites and from different vendors is very challenging for IT teams to manage efficiently.


With energy costs and demand both rising at the Edge,  the pressure is on to find more sustainable technologies.

Did you know that 60% of network outages are related to power or cooling?