Tier 500

The Tier 500 Dynamic Power Factor Correction features a patent pending controller that actively monitors power and engages the precise amount of correction in less than one cycle; its unique design not only responds within microseconds, it sequences and engages components in a way that minimizes stress on both the product and electrical network. There is no better product to increase your system capacity, lower your utility bills, improve your power quality and efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint.

The 4 patent pending technologies in the STT Tier 500 PFC unit allow our product to offer the same amount of power factor correction as our competitors at 1/4 of the size. This allows our units to be retrofitted to areas where our competitors units will not fit, closer to disruptive loads, and can offer 4 times as much power factor correction in the same amount of space.

Specifications per model
ModelVoltageCapacitorsEnclosurekVAR at Rated Voltage
500___D012HS 120-480VAC High Harmonic NEMA 3R


500___D025HS 120-480VAC High Harmonic NEMA 3R


500___D050HS 120-480VAC High Harmonic NEMA 3R 50
500___D100HS 120-480VAC High Harmonic NEMA 3R 100



Technical Specs

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