Vertiv Liebert Trinergy Cube

Liebert® Trinergy™ Cube is the latest modular UPS offering by Vertiv™, delivering unsurpassed performance to medium and large data centers. Ready to evolve with growing business demands, it offers the highest level of power availability, reduced TCO, and minimum energy consumption. The compact 400kVA core allows Liebert® Trinergy™ Cube to scale up to 1600 kW as power demand increases. The latest high efficiency Dynamic Online mode enables operating efficiency up to 99% without sacrificing availability. Compatible with Lithium-ion battery systems.

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Technical Specifications
ModelPower RatingInput VoltageOutput VoltageEfficiencyWiringHeightDepthWeight
Trinergy Cube 400kW Core 400kVA/ 400kW 480V 480V 99% 3ph + PE 26.8 36.1 1300
Trinergy Cube 1600kW Core 1600kVA / 1600kW 1600V 1600V          
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