Vertiv Liebert SmartAisle

The Liebert Intelligent SmartAisle Containment Solution holds supply air in the cold aisle requiring the servers fans to pull the cold air through the server and into the hot aisle, thereby improving thermal efficiency.

The SmartAisle infrastructure solution optimizes infrastructure deployment and management with an intelligent row-based system that integrates data center racks, power, row cooling, aisle containment, monitoring and control technologies for spaces with up to 40 racks. As with all Smart Solutions offerings, the SmartAisle offering is engineered for economy, efficiency, ease of management and most importantly, the ability to be changed as your IT requirements change.

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Technical Specifications




Total IT Load

Cooling Units


SmartAisle 16 10kW per rack 160 kW 6 row-based precision cooling units Cold Aisle Containment 2 row-based UPS systems Modular power busway