Vertiv Liebert DSE 400

The Liebert® DSE™ 400kW Packaged Solution is an ideal solution for large data center applications requiring maximum reliability, high efficiency, low peak power, no water usage, low maintenance and rapid scalability. The system is available as a single package from the factory in 400+ kW capacity increments for both rooftop and outdoor perimeter applications. It offers maximum annualized efficiency through the use of a pumped refrigerant economizer deployed in more than 4,500 installations worldwide.

A more consistent and reliable data center environment is supported through physical separation of heat rejection and data center air to avoid cross-contamination or transfer of humidity. The system has minimal air leakage, with less than 0.5% leakage at normal operating pressures and no volumetric displacement commonly associated with heat wheel applications. Low peak power enables data center managers to reduce generator sizing or to have more available IT power for sale. The system’s advanced Liebert iCOM controls provide automatic protection routines, multi-unit teamwork and greater annual efficiency.

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Technical Specifications Per Model
ModelsNet Sensible Capacity kBtuh [kW]Nominal Airflow [CFM]Height (in / mm)Width (in / mm)Depth (in / mm)Weight (lbs / kgs)
Liebert DSE Freecooling System, 400kW, Perimeter 400 36,000 - 65,000 161/4089 216/5494 157/3987 23,000/10,432