Battery Containment Maintenance

EnviroGuard offers a number of services to help your facility meet and maintain compliance. Our team has years of experience in fabrication, construction, battery rooms, safety, and compliance. We are proud to be able to offer our expertise for your benefit.

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Technical Summary

Engineering Services

Aptus Fabrication Services, a division of EnviroGuard, offers full engineering support utilizing both Professional and Structural Engineers to provide the required documentation for your mission critical sites. These services in combination with our team of professionals with 60 years of combined experience in the standby power industry will reduce your project cost.

These services include PE stamps, CAD drawings, floor loading, blueprints, finite element analysis, structural load analysis and environmental, health and safety considerations.

Environmental Services

EnviroGuard provides comprehensive site assessment services utilizing our Project Managers and nationwide network of distributors to support pillow replacement during scheduled battery removals as well as annual maintenance inspections.

These services are performed by professionals with years of experience in mission critical environments. The primary objective is to reduce end user cost for products nearing end-of-life and providing comprehensive recycling program while reducing costs.



Technical Specs