Your UPS system relies on fully functioning batteries. Knowing when UPS battery failure is imminent allows you to repair or replace in order to avoid costly downtime. The only way to gain this knowledge is through continuous monitoring of your batteries. By combining regular, on-site battery service with remote monitoring and maintenance, you can significantly improve system availability through early detection of potential problems, and rapid response to battery defects and degradation.

Battery Service with Ntegrated Monitoring gives you a deeper understanding of your battery system health for better asset management. Continuous monitoring makes it possible for Vertiv’s battery experts to know the condition of your UPS batteries in real time. When issues arise, action is taken to protect the integrity of the string and keep your critical systems online.

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Technical Summary

Battery Preventive Maintenance

Battery Service with Ntegrated Monitoring incorporates a comprehensive battery maintenance program performed by highly trained technicians. The service includes on-site and remote preventive maintenance activities to identify problems before they occur and reduce the risk of batteryrelated failures. It also extends the service life of battery systems by eliminating defects and other conditions that degrade the quality of otherwise healthy batteries. Regular preventive maintenance provides costefficient battery management versus the high cost of emergency repairs.

24x7 Remote Monitoring

The latest Albér battery monitoring technology is used to continuously diagnose all critical battery parameters for large UPS systems, including cell voltage, overall string voltage, current, and temperature. Knowing the true condition of critical battery parameters and battery state of health allows businesses to confidently use batteries longer. Thanks to automatic periodic testing of the battery’s internal resistance, you can be sure of the operating integrity of batteries and will know when a battery begins to fail. If resistance values exceed set thresholds, Vertiv™ takes action before it affects other batteries in the string.

Performance Tracking

Liebert® Ntegrity Gateway provides battery experts with a continuous pulse on the condition of batteries. Data is stored and trended to identify anomalies before they lead to failure, and the information can be used to inform better battery maintenance and replacement decisions. Vertiv's experts analyze the information gained from battery monitoring and use it to optimize battery life. For example, lead-acid batteries are sensitive to temperature, excessive cycling, and float voltage settings. Battery monitoring provides valuable information on these conditions that experts can use to optimize performance, promote cost savings, and maximize available life of the battery.

Rapid Response

Ntegrated monitoring alerts Vertiv to system anomalies and allows battery experts to analyze the problem before dispatching a technician, providing one of the fastest response times in the industry. With one of the largest service teams, we respond immediately to alarm conditions based on a pre-defined service escalation plan, and 90 percent of emergency calls are resolved within the first 24 hours. In addition, factory-trained service technicians maintain a very low service error rate. If and when on-site battery service is required, our technicians are armed with the information and parts needed for optimal mean time to repair (MTTR).