Integrated Switchgear Services

During an interruption to your primary power supply, you rely on your UPS to maintain power to critical equipment and systems. But that plan only works if your integrated switchgear successfully transfers the load. Vertiv’s integrated switchgear services ensure the proper installation, operation, and maintenance of switchgear components so your electrical infrastructure supports high availability of your data center. dedicated spare parts.

Switchgear is a vital component of your data center’s electrical system and shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to power system maintenance. With Vertiv, integrated switchgear services are delivered by NETA-certified technicians that are versed in regulatory standards and best practices. Our integrated switchgear services give you peace of mind knowing that your switchgear is ready to perform when needed, resulting in reliable backup power and facility availability.

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Technical Summary

Acceptance Testing

Nearly 70 percent of early equipment failures can be traced to design, installation, or startup deficiencies. To prevent such failures, the NETA-certified technicians of Vertiv™ are qualified to provide unbiased testing, independent of the manufacturers. Field tests and inspections are conducted to assess the suitability for initial energization and ensure systems are operational, within applicable standards and manufacturers' tolerances, and are installed in accordance with the design specifications. This testing also establishes baseline data particular to the installation.

Startup and Commissioning

In addition to the initial acceptance testing, Vertiv technicians perform startup testing to ensure the system will perform its job once the power is turned on.

Depending on the complexity of the installation, one or all of the subsystems may be tested including the battery charging system, transfer switch, generator, and other major components.

A “pull the plug” test should also be performed by cutting off main power and witnessing that the system comes online, and can maintain and sustain the load transfer.

While startup testing might uncover some manufacturing or installation error, it's more likely to identify a weakness in the system design or a problem interacting with the other equipment in the facility.

Preventive Maintenance

Vertiv’s comprehensive switchgear services include a systematic preventive maintenance program to detect and correct potential problems before they become major issues requiring expensive and time-consuming solutions. As part of Vertiv’s program, NETAcertified technicians perform visual and mechanical inspections, as well as electrical tests on switchgear and switchboard assemblies, power transformers, circuit breakers, metering devices and grounding systems. NETA recommends that these tests be performed every 24 months, depending on the condition, criticality, and reliability of the equipment.

Performance Check

In between the biannual comprehensive preventive maintenance program, Vertiv technicians complete a performance check per industry guidelines. This check includes a visual and mechanical inspection and ensures compliance with existing engineering studies, drawings, specifications, and/or applicable safety standards.

Comprehensive Report

  • The final written report is supplied in electronic format and will include:
  • A summary of the project
  • Description of the equipment tested
  • Tests performed
  • Test data
  • Analysis and recommendations

Information from the report can be used to ensure that the switchgear continues to perform satisfactorily, minimizing downtime and maximizing life expectancy.