Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters can devastate your business and pose serious safety hazards. Exposure to water, chemicals, sewage, oil and other debris can affect the integrity and performance of electrical equipment and may make equipment unsafe to re-energize. Having a trusted service provider with access to quality parts is essential for creating a plan for quick, cost-effective, and safe re-energization.

Following a disaster, getting back up and running as quickly possible is your top priority. Vertiv’s network of certified technicians located around the world can immediately go to work to assess the damage, determine your recovery objectives, and begin repairs. Our disaster recovery services are conducted according to NEMA guidelines and adhere to ANSI/NETA specifications. With Vertiv by your side following a disaster, you can safely return to reliable operations as efficiently as possible.

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Technical Summary

Damage Assessment

Upon arrival at your facility, a member of our technical services team will conduct a damage assessment of your entire electrical distribution system including all circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, cables, busway, relays, generators, batteries, and uninterruptible power supplies. This assessment will include a detailed inventory of your electrical distribution equipment, condition of each component, and recommended actions to bring your system back online in the most efficient way possible.

Inspection and Testing

Each piece of electrical distribution equipment will be physically inspected for damage, cleaned and dried. Electrical testing will be performed as required to determine the serviceability of each piece of equipment. Recommendations for repair or replacement will be determined.


Electrical equipment exposed to water can be extremely dangerous if re-energized without proper reconditioning or replacement. Reductions in integrity of electrical insulation due to moisture, debris lodged in the equipment components, and other factors can affect the ability of the equipment to perform as intended. Damage to electrical equipment can also result from flood waters contaminated with chemicals, sewage, oil, and other debris. All these contaminates affect the integrity and performance of the equipment.

The ability to recondition the equipment may vary with the nature of the electrical function, the degree of flooding, the age of the equipment, and the length of time the equipment was exposed to water.

For equipment that is determined to be serviceable, Vertiv™ can provide complete repair and reconditioning services for virtually any manufacturer’s equipment. Our repair services also include retrofitting services to update your equipment with the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Equipment Replacement

For equipment that is determined not to be serviceable, we can help you locate new, surplus, and remanufactured electrical distribution equipment of all types and all manufacturers. Our technical services staff can also provide complete installation and startup services for new equipment and removal of old equipment.

Spare Parts Support

Finding the right parts to get your equipment back online can be a difficult task during a widespread recovery effort. Our global network of partners and solid relationships with suppliers ensure emergency parts orders are delivered as quickly as possible. Having a partnership that provides timely access to replacement equipment is essential for an efficient and cost-effective return to operation.

Commissioning and Startup

The Vertiv team provides complete equipment installation, commissioning, and startup services. Equipment startup services include verification of proper installation through acceptance testing and inspection. Data obtained during acceptance testing provides a reliable baseline for trending and comparison during future maintenance tests. Our engineers perform acceptance testing in accordance with ANSI/NETA specifications and also pay close attention to manufacturers’ recommendations, industry standards, and key safety issues. Upon request, we also provide operations and maintenance guidelines, procedure manuals, and training for operators. We go the extra step to ensure the long-term reliability of your facility