Your UPS and battery backup systems are essential to keeping business-critical equipment online during power loss, but that is only a short-term solution. Being able to support your data center’s critical load during an extended utility outage means having a backup generator that has been properly maintained.

Avoid emergency repairs and control your maintenance budget by implementing a proactive preventive maintenance program. Service from Vertiv includes scheduled maintenance visits that can identify generator problems that would otherwise go undetected and potentially impact your business during a utility outage. Our expert technicians adhere to applicable safety standards and meet or exceed manufacturer recommendations. You’ll gain a sense of security knowing your standby power is always running at maximum operating efficiency and your generator is ready when you need it.

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Technical Summary


When launching new facilities or powering up new equipment, having industry experience and best-practice knowledge on your side helps you do it right—right from the start.

  • Project management
  • Deployment and startup
  • Commissioning


Regular predictive and preventive maintenance protects your investment in critical assets and helps ensure business-critical infrastructure operates efficiently, safely and reliably.

  • Emergency response
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Remote services
  • Spare parts and parts management


Identifying vulnerabilities or opportunities to optimize the performance of aging infrastructure allows you to lower costs and maximize availability.

  • Assessment and optimization
  • Upgrades and replacements
  • Electrical engineering
  • Safety and compliance


Technical Specs