Liebert® Mini-Mate3™: 4 & 5-Ton System

September 05, 2017

The Liebert Mini-Mate 3 is the most reliable,energy-efficient ceiling-mounted thermal management solution.  It is easy to install and service and is designed to save valuable space in small IT rooms. State of the art controls automatically adjust capacity to evolving IT loads, while providing peace-of-mind remote status.

Key Benefits

•Variable Capacity:  Continuous output from 10% to 100% Modulation
•Reliability:  Used in thousands of Liebert products for more than 10 years
•Rapid Reaction:  Instantaneous reaction to load changes
•Negligible Electromagnetic Interference
•Lower Operating Costs
•Reduced Maintenance Costs Due to Reduced Cycling
•FFR = 0.26%
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