Vertiv Energy Labs Data Center Hybrid Cooling System

Vertiv Energy Labs custom air handling systems are the premium solution for controlling business environments. These custom air handlers are available in many configurations, sizes, capacities, and materials built to customer specification. We provide complete customized systems for cooling, heating, humidification, and air filtration.

Vertiv Energy Labs Hybrid Systems allow data center operators to achieve unheard of PUE’s in the range of 1.2 and lower in some cases. With all the equipment located outside of the server room, the need for access to under floor areas is eliminated, and server room space previously used for CRAC units is available for revenue generating use. With maintenance activities completely outside the sever room security and contamination risks are greatly reduced as well.

Previous attempts to reduce Cap Ex by utilizing modified commercial grade Legacy rooftop systems have produced disastrous results with energy usage and maintenance costs creating Op Ex far in excess of the Cap Ex saving realized. As a result of the poor performance of these commercial rooftop applications, center operators have felt compelled to continue to utilize Legacy CRAC systems despite high PUE’s (typically 2.5) and extremely high maintenance costs.

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Recent advances in server technology have greatly increased the watt density of Data Centers making cooling system operating costs more important than ever. 
Fortunately, modern computers are designed to operate reliably at temperature and humidity levels much higher than previous recommendations.

Thanks to the Energy Labs IDDeX unit It is no longer necessary to install expensive to operate and space consuming Legacy systems utilizing Computer Room Air-Conditioning (CRAC) units to achieve proper conditions and insure system reliability. With fewer more efficient IDDeX systems, Operating Expense is reduced to the absolute minimum, below all other types of Data Center systems.
Many combinations of components are available to customize the design for local ambient conditions as well as supply air requirements. Sizes available range from 25,000 CFM up to 150,000 CFM per unit and cooling capacities up to 500 TR.



Technical Specs