Startup Configuration and Training

When launching new facilities or adding power equipment to existing ones, you want reassurance that is has been done right before it begins to support your business-critical equipment downstream. Doing so requires experience with new data center installations along with equipment expertise. Knowing what to look for prior to initial energization ensures you won’t inadvertently damage your equipment or create safety hazards that put your business at risk.

Startup services ensure that equipment complies with purchase specifications and design intent, and that all components work together properly. This critical process helps ensure project requirements are met for your complete satisfaction.

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Technical Summary

  • Visual inspection detects potential problems indicated by broken, damaged, or stressed components caused during transit or installation
  • Cleaning of dust or any foreign material from equipment ensures contaminants don’t affect component operation
  • Connections check is completed to verify the tightness of nuts, bolts, screws and connectors
  • Installation check verifies the system is installed correctly
  • Operational test ensures that the proper parameters and system configuration are set to support the load or equipment downstream
  • Operational tour trains you on equipment operation at the time of startup



Technical Specs