Product Installation Services

Design and installation errors can impact data center infrastructure projects by adding days, weeks, or even months to a schedule. These errors can also have lasting effects on your critical facility’s operation. Proper installation is paramount to system reliability and requires expertise on both the equipment and proper safety procedures.

Vertiv’s professional installation services give you peace of mind knowing that equipment and components from any manufacturer will be installed by highly trained technicians that are part of our network of licensed contractors. You can trust that for both electrical and mechanical installations, our experts apply industry best practices while also adhering to all applicable safety standards.

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Technical Summary

Project Planning

The Vertiv™ project delivery team supports data center infrastructure projects from day one. Experts work with data center managers to fully understand project requirements. Technicians then assess power and cooling requirements, and recommend best practice infrastructure solutions and equipment, along with proposed project costs and schedules.

Engineering and Design

Comprehensive engineering and design services give structure and context to the project planning team’s recommendations. Tiered design services help identify the best options for the project.

Procurement and Assembly

The project delivery team procures all specified equipment, ensuring every component is delivered according to schedule, and that all safety and quality standards are met. To maximize project efficiency, equipment and components are consolidated off-site and delivered together just prior to installation. The project delivery team also coordinates professional equipment assembly and deployment, further improving speed and accuracy of installation.


Professional installation of all Vertiv products and components, along with any specified third-party equipment, is a key element of Vertiv’s project delivery service. As a general contractor that is licensed in many states and a company that works with a network of licensed contractors, we employ best practices for both electrical and mechanical installations.


Professional commissioning agents verify the proper installation of equipment. The commissioning process ensures that equipment complies with specifications and design intent, and that all components work together properly. This critical process ultimately promotes quality assurance and helps ensure project requirements are met—producing a higher level of satisfaction for the project owner.