rPDU and UPS Configurations

Even when your IT staff is working at capacity, there’s no need to leave business-critical power unmanaged. By combining leading rack PDU and UPS technology, expert service and support, and a five-year protection plan, you’ll know your data center has the power it needs to support business-critical applications.

The Distribution Assurance Package from Vertiv Services gives you a trusted OEM service partner with an unmatched level of rack PDU service expertise. We’ll handle everything from order to deployment, and ensure consistent service across all your sites. You’ll have a complete, worry-free solution to assure critical power to your IT loads for maximum availability.

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Technical Summary

Startup and Installation

Factory-authorized Vertiv™ technicians handle rack PDU installation and startup at your location. You’ll enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes from having the experts do the job, and IT staff is free to attend to other tasks.

Network Interface Card Configuration

Proving services for communication interface card setup scaling from very small to very large deployments of rack PDUs and UPSs

Optional Removal and Disposal

If ordered with the Distribution Assurance Package, our technicians will remove and dispose of any old rack PDUs while following all regulatory requirements. This optional task is handled when visiting to install and startup your new rack PDUs.

On-site Support and Emergency Response

Vertiv’s experienced team of technicians offers the industry’s premier service capability for maintaining and supporting basic, managed, or adaptive rack PDUs. Should a problem ever arise with the units, you’ll have 24x7 access to Vertiv’s Customer Resolution Center. You can count on quick recognition by support personnel as well as priority status during emergencies including guaranteed on-site emergency response.

Ongoing Maintenance Services

Services to maintain ongoing software patching, firmware updates, configuration setting changes, etc,. for existing rack PDU and UPS installations.