Electrical Assessment

Data centers are dynamic environments that need to be carefully managed to ensure uptime. Electrical assessments are vital tools that help you make informed decisions that enhance the performance and availability of your data center. You will come away with the ability to identify gaps in electrical equipment maintenance, evaluate electrical system design per current IT needs, improve IT system availability, and plan for additional IT capacity.

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Technical Summary

Electrical Equipment Inventory

Understanding how to best manage your data center infrastructure assets starts with knowing exactly what equipment you have and how your system is designed. During a site visit, the electrical experts of Vertiv™ will record the critical details of your electrical equipment which allows us to tailor our assessment and helps you plan an effective maintenance program.

IR Scans

IR scans identify hot spots in the data center that could result in a fire or electrical breakdown, such as deterioration of electrical connections due to vibrations, improper torque, corrosion, and other problems. Typically, traditional maintenance activities do not uncover these types of problems and most go undetected until there is an operating failure. Annual IR scans are part of the National Fire Protection Association’s Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance (NFPA 70B) and are recommended by most insurance companies. Performed by our electrical experts, IR scans allow you to correct electrical system defects before extensive equipment damage or costly business disruption.

Single-Point-of-Failure Analysis

Having a weak point in your electrical infrastructure that can bring down your entire system is undesirable for most business-critical data centers. This is why our electrical assessment includes single-point-of-failure analysis. Results of such analysis allow you to better understand your vulnerabilities, minimize these weaknesses when possible, and improve overall system protection.

Single-Line Diagram Verification

Many electrical systems transform over time making it difficult to keep your single-line diagram up to date. According to the Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace® (NFPA 70E), it is a requirement to have an accurate, singleline diagram for each data center facility.

Our electrical experts use information gathered during the equipment inventory to verify that your schematic accurately shows how the main components of your electrical system are connected. They will recommend a single-line diagram update if discrepancies are found. Having an accurate single-line diagram ultimately helps you avoid maintenance and compliance issues.

Equipment Maintenance Review

Preventive maintenance is the single most effective approach to avoid critical system downtime in your data center. With regular inspection, electrical system issues can be detected and corrected before more costly problems occur. During an assessment, our electrical experts identify gaps in your current maintenance program and make recommendations to help you achieve maximum availability.

Comprehensive Reporting

Proper documentation ensures compliance with standards from NFPA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other industry organizations. It also facilitates future engineering services and performance optimization. Thorough documentation is one of Vertiv’s strengths. Following our assessment, you receive a customized and comprehensive report with recommendations for optimizing protection for your mission-critical IT systems.