Permanently Mounted Sensors

Partial discharge (PD) testing plays a critical role in the health of your electrical assets. But some equipment is hard to access or unsafe to open while energized, making testing a challenge. With permanently mounted sensors, it’s possible to conduct online partial discharge (OLPD) testing without exposing workers to danger or shutting down your critical facility. Testing is safer and more efficient, and you get the critical information you need to optimize your electrical assets.

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Technical Summary

The electrical testing experts at Vertiv are ready to help solve your equipment testing challenges. Our technicians can install permanently mount sensors on equipment that’s difficult or dangerous to test, including medium- and high-voltage cable systems, switchgear, and transformers. Sensors are connected to conveniently located ports using low-voltage coax cable.

With sensors in place, you can periodically monitor your system during normal operation. Permanently mounted sensors provide the information you need to ensure system availability and efficiency without putting your people or equipment at risk. And since testing is more efficient and doesn’t require facility shut down, you save time and money in the process.



Technical Specs