Power Quality Studies and Harmonic Analyses

Dips, spikes, surges, and momentary outages can damage your critical equipment and systems, or cause them to malfunction. Not only do these outages cost you money, but they may be creating unsafe conditions or other serious problems for your critical facility. A power quality study and harmonic analysis helps ensure smooth, reliable electrical energy identifying the source and nature of these disturbances.

Vertiv's power quality studies and harmonic analyses identify grounding errors, harmonic distortions, and other issues that reduce the reliability of your power system. Our experts rapidly assess problems by examining harmonics, load flow, and power factor. Once the nature of the disturbances or operating conditions is understood, we identify solutions that reduce total system loading and ensure optimal system performance.

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Technical Summary

Visual, Mechanical, and Electrical Inspections

Vertiv™ engineers perform thorough visual, mechanical, and electrical inspections to analyze your electrical infrastructure and identify critical points for power monitoring.

Data Collection and Monitoring

Our engineers install power quality monitoring equipment at key points in your system and collect data over a pre-determined period, covering appropriate time windows relative to your needs. The data helps us determine the integrity of your grounding system and identify important power quality characteristics.

Data Analysis

Power quality is a multidimensional and complex measurement. Our NETA-certified experts evaluate your data center's electrical infrastructure by carefully analyzing your power and harmonics data. By referencing several standards from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers such as IEEE 519, 1100, 1159, 1346, 493 and 446, we look for the root causes of power problems. We then provide recommendations for isolating and eliminating those issues in order to improve power quality.

Comprehensive Report

Following analysis, you will receive a comprehensive, full-featured summary that identifies critical monitoring points. It includes detailed data records and analysis of results. Our report also includes recommendations for isolating and mitigating power problems such as using special transformers and power conditioning equipment.