Short Circuit and Coordination Studies

Every time you expand, reconfigure, add a load, or upgrade your electrical distribution system, you challenge its reliability. Short circuit and coordination studies help manage these complexities by ensuring protective devices are properly set and coordinated to quickly isolate a failure. These studies give you a better understanding of current electrical distribution system operation, along with information you need to improve protection for equipment, personnel, and your business as a whole.

A short circuit and coordination study helps you avoid accidents, productivity losses, costly fines, and higher insurance costs. By evaluating a system’s protective devices and the circuits they protect, a coordination study determines how long equipment can sustain operation without damage or failure. When performed by Vertiv’s electrical distribution system experts, these studies provide power transformers, switchgear, substations, motor control centers, panelboards, and other equipment with required protection to ensure minimum service interruption under overload and short-circuit conditions.

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Technical Summary

Data Collection

In order to determine the appropriate types, ampere ratings and device settings, The technical staff from Vertiv™ will review an up-to-date single-line diagram of the electrical distribution system. Ideally, the single-line will provide equipment ratings, wire sizes, lengths, etc. If a current single-line diagram and relevant data is not available, then the engineer will need to collect this data to perform the study. The data collection process is an ideal time to update the single-line diagram because all pertinent information will be accumulated.

Power System Analysis

Once data is collected on the electrical distribution system, Vertiv then utilizes specialized computer hardware and software to assist with the analysis of power system problems. The computer model helps Vertiv engineers determine optimum settings for all adjustable devices, ensuring proper coordination.

Report of Findings

Following comprehensive computer-based analysis, a report of all the findings is carefully documented in an electronic and/or paper report that includes:

  • Clear tabular printouts of the suggested settings for all adjustable devices
  • Time-current curves of the protective devices illustrating the resulting protection and their coordination
  • Computer generated single-line diagram illustrating devices, equipment, system connections, and short circuit levels