Power System Reliability Studies

Risk analysis and reliability studies are essential tools for the design of power systems within critical, continuous-process facilities. Power system reliability studies provide the information necessary to upgrade and maintain your power delivery infrastructure. The results of the studies focus on reducing operating costs, improving efficiency, increasing reliability, and improving system maintainability.

Vertiv’s highly trained power engineers use advanced technology to create a comprehensive computer model of your system. By conducting a thorough assessment of your system’s design, we identify points of failure within your system. We also investigate the number of redundancies designed into your electrical system, and determine the likelihood of a power interruption under normal or compromised power conditions. This approach is essential for ensuring an efficient, integrated system that meets the growing and changing demands of your business.

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Technical Summary

What’s Involved?

Load monitoring is performed by connecting instrumentation at the main supply switchgear or other key locations where load data is needed. Monitoring equipment measures current and voltage. For a typical three-phase system where the load is to be monitored at the main switchgear, three current probes and three voltage probes are attached to the three-phase conductors, and one voltage probe is attached to the neutral conductor. The other end of the probe lead wires are connected to a power recording instrument.

These connections and the recording instrument must be connected at each location where load data is needed. For systems operating at 600 volts or more, this process may be a little more complicated. Direct connection to the facility electrical conductors may not be possible if the load current or system voltage exceeds the capability of the instrumentation. In these cases, potential transformers and metering current transformers may be used to provide current and voltage signals needed by the recorder.